“Unsquare Dance” for Ballet Class

Not all phrases and time signatures have to be ‘square’ – depending on your working with. I was recently lucky to be working on an assessment class at a school in the Western Hemisphere (!) with the fabulous teacher Juan Eymar (website / instagram). We decided early on that we would use Dave Brubeck’s ‘Unsquare Dance’ for the Petit Sauté exercise. What resulted was the following structure – remember the time signature is 7/4 – 

Introduction – 6 x bars – 4 bars clapping – 2 bars to get into position
Group 1 – 14 bars exercise – 2 bars to change groups 
Group 2 – 14 bars exercise – 2 bars to change groups
Group 3 – 14 bars exercise. 

Do you use uncommon time signatures ever for class? If so – how does it go? Let us know either on our socials or email below. 

Chris x 

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