Remote Recording

So – I don’t really know where to start!

We find ourselves scared in this strange existence – dodging strangers when you go for your daily exercise walk and staying at home, working over the internet playing for dancers in all 4 corners of the globe and trying to record a podcast series about ballet!

Before we were using the Rodecaster Pro desk with 4 Podmics and doing some vague tweaking on Adobe Audition. Now – we’re all remote. We view each other on zoom (with questionable internet connections) and record our own channels locally and then I’m spending approx 8 hours editing a 30 minute episode together to make it (hopefully) pleasurable for your ears! It’s a very different and new way for us to try and keep the series running so I really hope you’re enjoying it and that the quality hasn’t dropped too considerably.

So – if you’re interested in how the setup looks now – here is a Timelapse of me setting up the ‘studio’ (replace studio with dining table!) for our weekly Monday evening record!

Chris x

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