Having a dance!

The remote recording is working – it’s nowhere near as much fun as when we used to be able to do it face to face. We’d often record 3, 4 or even sometimes 5 episodes in an afternoon and then have some food or head down to the local pub for a Sunday roast and a well deserved pint. Hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll be able to do that again.

Even with a global pandemic – we still dance through the outro theme written for our podcast by my one time colleague and amazing musician friend, Andreas Häberlin, who I was lucky enough to hook up with back in February before the world closed.

Here is how we finished every episode either remotely or in person! (On this particular day it was incredibly hot in London and wearing headphones for 30 plus minutes and trying to remain calm is rather difficult – hence my headphone ‘on and off’ interpretation of the dance)

Chris x

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