Episode 69 – Playing for Pointe Work

This episode is a round table discussion about another aspect of the ballet pianist’s job, playing for pointe work.  Pointe work is the name for when dancers dance on the end of their toes enabled by the hardened ballet slipper that has been engineered throughout history.  Immensely skilful and strengthening, it requires time to perfect, and the music has to match perfectly what the dancers and teachers are doing. 

In this podcast the team discuss the type of exercises teachers might set and types and styles of music that we may be asked to play, and how the style of playing may differ from regular class.  We always say that our job is match perfectly the music with the movement, and pointe is no exception.  Listen to how it can all differ from a normal ballet class.

Fun, light-hearted, informative, and relaxed, this episode can teach you a lot, or simply entertain you.

The sheet music for the Radetzky March can be found HERE and music for Lilac Fairy can be found HERE.

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