Episode 67 – What People Don’t Know About our Job

This episode is a classic ‘round table’ which very much epitomises our brand and style.  It is a look behind the curtain at the three ballet pianists, and David the ballet teacher, and it reveals a lot that listeners might not know.  Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, and this episode reveals them.  It’s both funny and insightful, and we learn about each other things we never knew.

Did you know that Matt sometimes dances the exercise behind the piano to feel what the dancers feel?  And in the early days, Chris had this unshakeable confidence which propelled him forward and afforded him opportunities.  David has to have a tendu exercise prepared above any other exercise otherwise he will get flustered.  Akiko used to watch loads of ballet classes when she started as a way of hearing other pianists and building her repertoire by borrowing tunes.  Sneaky!

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