Episode 66 – In Conversation with Cyrus Gabrysch

This episode is an In Conversation with Cyrus Gabrysch, a celebrated improviser for ballet and contemporary, and a top pianist for accompanying silent movies that are still shown all over London, as well as festivals abroad.

He had an unconventional start in dance accompanying in the northeast of England firstly playing for contemporary and later honing his skills in ballet class.  Left hand dominant, he is excellent in driving movement with groove and rhythm and texture and uses his work in ballet class to inform his work in silent movies, and vice versa.

Cyrus also made his way to New York where he freelanced for two years in dance accompaniment, before making his way back to the UK to continue his career.  He was worked for English National Ballet, Rambert, Michael Clark Company, as well as all the London contemporary and ballet schools.

This episode is quite subdued which perfectly reflects the nature of Cyrus, but he is beyond loveable and a treasured guest of the pod.

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