Episode 63 – Dealing with Specific Requests in Ballet Class

This episode is a round table discussion all about the weird and wonderful requests that can occur in a ballet class.

Sometimes the teacher wants something really specific, such as a tune, or rhythm, or compound time signature, something out of the normal realms of what you is ordinarily played.The team discuss with hilarious anecdotes all the things they have been asked for, and David shares some things he has purposefully asked for.  It becomes candid chat about how the requests are dealt with, and how those situations are resolved.  

As ballet pianists, you never have all the answers, but it’s how you use your experience and the repertoire in your music toolbox to meet the request of the teacher.

All the situations discussed in this episode are completely valid, and providing very nuanced music is the beauty of why it’s live and living.  It’s very informative for professionals in the industry.

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