Episode 62 – In Conversation with Anita Young MBE

This episode is an ‘In Conversation’ with Anita Young MBE.  She is a former student of The Royal Ballet School and former soloist of The Royal Ballet.

The podcast focuses on her life and career in ballet from humble beginnings as the daughter of a market porter in Covent Garden.  She didn’t fit in at school, but her balletic potential was realised and she joined White Lodge in Richmond Park.  She rose to the rank of soloist of The Royal Ballet and has worked with the greats of British ballet.

She has been a teacher and coach for half of her adult life and is internationally recognised as the ‘go to’ person for the Ashton repertoire.  With no sign of stopping, she leads this interview herself.

Her personality absolutely shines through with her eccentric wit and charm, and outrageous laugh and hilarious stories.

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