Episode 58 – The Grand Allegro Waltz


This episode is a round table discussion about the grand waltz and the Grand Allegro part of class.

The team discuss that with the advancement of technique, athleticism, and all the physicality required to jump so high, that the music for Grand Allegro has become slower and needs to be bigger.

Chis, Akiko, David, and Matt, all discuss the different situations where grand allegro is played, be it school, open, or company class, and how those different situations require slightly different music, feel, and tempo.

The pianists discuss how they group waltzes together, as you will inevitably need several, and how they play them to maximum effect.

Chris gives some wonderful advice for new pianists when it comes to grand allegro.  He suggests planning for the occasion if you’re not confident to improvise.  Collect sheet music for grand waltzes, and work out how to segue through nice key changes and get inventive!

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