Episode 56 – In Conversation with Philip Feeney

This episode is the second in the season where we put the spotlight on a ballet great, and it’s the turn of Phil Feeney.

Feeney’s career spans decades and he is most celebrated for his talent as a ballet and contemporary accompanist, and even more so as a ballet composer.  At the current count, he has approximately twenty full length works, and fifty short works to his name.

This episode delves into his early life and career in Rome as a dance accompanist, and making his way to London, and London Contemporary.  He also had a fantastic working relationship with the late, great Christopher Gable, through Northern Ballet Theatre, and Ballet Central.

This episode explores in detail all about Feeney as a composer, how he begins, how he edits, and how he collaborates.  He is very generous with his offerings of his personal process, and it makes for an insightful listen. 

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