Episode 55 – Ballet Studio Horror Stories

This episode is more light hearted in this current season.

It is a look back into the careers of the podcast team as they relay stories where the job and ballet class has gone horribly wrong.  Sometimes it’s funny, and we can laugh about it now, and sometimes it’s more serious and becomes a huge learning curve.

Akiko talks about having to play every bar of music at a different tempo and being conducted by the teacher.  Matt talks about playing for contemporary by accident and stepping way out of his comfort zone.  Chris hilariously relays the time his iPad score jumped pages in a performance, much to the amusement of Mrs. Hobson.  And David talks seriously about an incident where the stress of ballet life can impact the people involved.

This episode has light and shade, but ultimate the team identify that we are all human.  Take the job seriously, but not yourself.

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