Episode 53 – In Conversation with Gavin Sutherland

Gavin Sutherland

This episode, the first ‘In Conversation’ of the 2024 series sees Matt and Chris interview one of leading ballet conductors globally, Gavin Sutherland.

With Gavin well and truly under the spotlight, they ask him about his life and career in ballet and music.  He started playing for ballet locally in the north east of England and quickly began working professionally at Northern Ballet Theatre as pianist and conductor.

He freelanced in London before taking up the post of music director at English National Ballet where he stayed for fifteen years.  Now he manages an international schedule working with the world’s leading ballet companies.

In this episode, Chris and Matt learn from Gavin his approach to conducting for ballet, and how he nuances his performances to help the dancers he is conducting for.  It is fantastic to learn from this great person in the industry.

You can connect with Gavin on his social channels

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