Episode 52 – Advice, Tips and Tricks for New Ballet Teachers

This episode, the second in the 2024 season sees the team collate their most useful tips and tricks that new ballet teachers can use as they begin their careers.

David starts with his experiences as a new teacher fresh from a training course, feeling very daunted and false in his approach.  But also, he says very grateful that the pianists were more knowledgeable and could guide him through his classes in the early years.  Eye contact is important, and learning each other’s names to begin building that rapport.

Matt, Akiko, and Chris give advice from their experiences to new teachers to help them when it comes to working with live music for the first time.

The team ultimately agree that team work is important so that the teacher and pianist can learn from each other, be supportive of each other, and forgive each other.  Not everything is going to be golden, and that’s ok!

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