Episode 49 – In Conversation with Gill Civil

With Dancer Linda Arkelian at the Shadbolt Centre, Burnaby - 2004

This week’s episode is with dance accompanist, Gill Civil.  Her life and career is so off the wall and varied, and in this episode we get to learn all about her work in dance, as we put the spotlight on her.

From New Zealand originally, she has worked and lived in Australia, the USA and Canada, starting off her career in a punk rock band, working with Crowded House and Limbs Dance company, and playing for ballet classes throughout Australia, the USA, and Canada.

She is also a composer of her own music for ballet and contemporary, which is produced by her husband, Edwin.

This episode will not fail to entertain you with fabulous story after fabulous story about her life and career, which it seems is completely in the hands of fate and coincidence.  So many glorious happenings, you won’t fail to love it.

Below is a list of all the places where you can find out about Gill, and listen to and purchase her music, and learn more about her life.

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