Episode 48 – Our Ten Commandments – Teachers and Dancers Edition

Today’s episode is the second instalment of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, and it’s the turn of the commandments for dancers and teachers as told by us pianists.

Again, it’s a very light hearted episode, where we three pianists corner David Yow, and read him the riot act, HAHA!  

It’s filled with some useful do’s and don’ts for teachers and dancers from a ballet pianists perspective, that we think would make life easier for both, and make the ballet class run smoothly and harmoniously.

We are not the oracle, nor have we ever claimed to be, but this episode can be helpful, or you can just enjoy the banter between the team members.

We hope you enjoy it.  Let us know as always your comments about the podcast, by visiting the social media channels.

David strongly disagreeing with Matt’s story about a teacher who ‘claps to keep the music and the dancers together’

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