Episode 47 – Our Ten Commandments for Ballet Pianists

This week’s new episode is a funny one with all the team members, and we’re talking about some do’s and don’ts of the ballet studio in an episode we’re calling THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.  It’s a very light hearted episode with some sincere sentiment, that we feel would make the studio more harmonious, if followed.

This episode is the first of two commandment episodes, and in this episode, David Yow takes the floor and leads us in his ‘ready to go’ tips for ballet pianists from the teacher’s perspective.

We’re not the oracle, nor have we ever claimed to be, but this episode offers some teacher’s advice for pianists, to help them in the studios.

We laugh a lot, and keep it very light, and we hope you, our listeners don’t take umbrage, and can relate, and see the funny side!

Kick back with a drink, and enjoy, and as always, we’d love to know what you think.

Les Rendezvous – Pas de Six – Piano Score

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