Episode 44 – In Conversation with Lorien Slaughter

Lori was a former dancer having trained at The Royal Ballet School, and in this episode we talk to him about his journey form stage, to dancers’ clinic, and how he uses his dance science knowledge and experience to help him in his other job as a ballet teaching.

Lori also talks in depth about the various aspects of dance science and physiology, that can impact a dancer’s career, either in a helpful way, or not.  We discuss, sociology, psychology, weight training, and many other outside influences.

Lori’s knowledge is vast, and we guarantee this episode is relatable for many people working in the dance industry, and well worth a listen.  We have a feeling this won’t be the last appearance for Lori on the podcast.

Contact Lorien –

Physiotherapist – E: info@complete-physio.co.uk | W: www.complete-physio.co.uk
Pilates – E: info@complete-pilates.co.uk. | W: www.complete-pilates.co.uk
Ballet with Lorien – F: https://www.facebook.com/bodiologyscienceofballet

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