Episode 40 – In Conversation with Rose Alice

We have another fantastic episode for you this week, an ‘In Conversation’ with enigmatic, charismatic, and all round creative human, Rose Alice, the Artistic Director of International Arts Collective.

With her career very much in full throttle, she is a dancer, choreographer, director, both movement and of photography, and she has placed herself expertly in a role that bridges art and media working with some of the world’s most famous brands.  With an extreme physical ability and technique, she has captivated audiences all over the world from Europe, to China, and the USA.

We hope you enjoy this episode with the spotlight firmly on Rose, who always keeps it real, and who talks candidly about her serious highs and lows as an artist, and what fuels her every day.  Listener discretion is advised, but nonetheless, you will love getting to know this very special “OG”!

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