Episode 38 – Playing For Men in Ballet Class

Another week, and another brilliant episode for you!  This episode is in response to a message that came in from a follower on the Instagram account, and she wanted to know about how we play for men specifically, and how David chooses music for his classes, and what he likes to hear from music in his men’s classes.

We discuss as a general consensus that we would play a bit stronger, bigger with more space in the music to allow for the men to jump a bit higher, and execute more pirouettes, and to generally dancer bigger, as in general, men are known for that.

We share our stories of times in the schools and companies were playing for men has been a challenge, because of the advancement in technique, and the real need for your “grandest” waltz, and then when choosing tunes for men’s class can really lift the mood to  juxtapose that heavy playing throughout.

We really pull on our personal experiences in this episode to highlight what we mean, and we hope we’ve been clear enough.

Music Referenced in this episode

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