Episode 32 – Musical Trickery – Moving the Bar lines

Some tunes do not start on the first beat of the bar, and as a result counting them for dancers can be tricky.  And so, in this episode we discuss how we overcome this and metaphorically move the bar lines in the music, and play in such a way that makes it easier to hear the strong beat of the melody as the strong beat of the bar.

It’s quite a weird concept to understand, but we hope this episode will help you when counting music when the strong beat is not easy to find.

We also talk about how the use of the introduction can help as a way of shifting the melody so that again, the obvious beat in the melody lines up with the strong beat of the bar, and the dancer’s count.

If you are a dancer, teacher, or pianist, we would love to know your thoughts on this.  So please get touch to tell us how you relate to this situation, and what you did to overcome it.

Music Referenced in this Episode

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