Episode 20 – In Summary

In this episode, we reflect on the first series of episodes since the podcast’s inception in February 2020, and we talk a bit about what we have learnt from producing the podcast, and the journey we have been on individually, and as a team.

We also talk about the current climate of Covid-19 in the UK, and how it has affected the ballet world in our own country, and globally, and how through the wonders of modern technology we were able to provide live music for classes that required it.

We also announce our future plans for the podcast, including a mini series of hot topics featuring playing for pointe work, contemporary class, variation class, building your repertoire, and many more.  And we are working towards our next big series, which will be ‘In Conversation’ with some of the leading people in the ballet world, from other pianists, musical directors, dancers, choreographers and teachers.  We can’t wait to bring that to you.

Also, look out for The Ballet Piano Podcast Album.  We have recorded thirty tracks of music suitable for all the exercises in a ballet class, which will be available for download very soon.

Music Referenced in this episode

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