Episode 19 – Q and A 2

We hope you enjoy this penultimate episode in the ballet class series.  It is the second instalment of the Q&A episode where we continue to answer questions sent in to us via email and the social media channels.  This episode is slightly lighter hearted with lots of funny anecdotes. 

Find out what brand of shampoo David Yow uses, and how the dream team of Mr. and Mrs. Hobson met and fell in love.  There are, as always plenty of funny stories relating to our jobs in the world of classical ballet, and it’s an opportunity to learn even more about the team.

The next episode from the Ballet Piano Podcast will be released after a very short hiatus.  We hope to be back together in the recording studio reflecting on this class series and how life has been in lockdown, and how the ballet world has kept going during the pandemic.  So please look out for that episode coming soon.

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