Back in the studio

It feels really weird to be back in the studio. I’d gotten really used to my home life – work life balance, muting the microphone whilst Akiko was home schooling Joshua and realising that it was impossible to follow any dancer or teacher for a tempo and just having to rely on your own experience. Then, I went back into the studio. People were dancing actually on the beat, the atmosphere was electric and the pianos are still out of tune!

What a feeling it was to be back! I had a real feeling of uncertainty as I cycled to the ballet school for the first week to two. Covid is still around which is scary. We’re all wearing masks in our respective studios and keeping a 2 metre distance (hence no Pas de Deux classes – woohoo!) but – it is good to be back!

Below is me playing a random medley of ‘Mambo #5’ and the theme tune from ‘Blind Date’ for David Yow’s jumps last week!

Chris plays Blind Date and Mambo no. 5 for petit sautes

Chris x

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